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Bulk mail Description

The bulk mail is mail that refers to large amount of mail prepared for mailing with a permit at decrease postage. United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations and size restrictions have changed over time and enforcement of these regulations has increased. As a result, bulk mailings are an area where departments can unknowingly waste money, potentially costing the university thousands of dollars per year. Campus Mail Services will help you save time and money with a bulk mail permit.


Types of Bulk Mail

There are 4 types of bulk mails are Newsletters, Promotional emails, Acquisition emails and Retention emails. Now we are gonna see one by one :

  • Newsletters : Bulk mail newsletters have many benefits, from helping you stay connected to your customers or subscribers and branding your business for potential future subscribers to delivering direct-mail sales pitches and demonstrating your expertise and credibility. Nearly every business, large or small, can put the power of bulk mail newsletters to good use. The following tips, tricks, and traps will help you publish a bulk mail newsletter that's even more effective and avoid pitfalls that can hurt your return on investment.
  • Bulk mail newsletter tips and tricks :

  • Don't just send to subscribers - Current subscribers are good candidates for receiving bulk mail newsletters, but you can drum up more business by sending your newsletters to prospects that match your Perfect SUBSCRIBERS demographics.
  • Find out who reads it - To avoid sending your newsletter to those who do not read it, ask your recipients to indicate that they would like to continue reading your newsletter. Do a multi-issue countdown and emphasize the benefits of receiving your newsletter (and the fact that it is free). Keep in mind that not everyone will respond, even those who read your newsletter. Try to incorporate a survey to see what your recipients want to read, or even offer something of value for free in return for a response. You can also follow up with direct phone calls.
  • Entertain and inform - Your newsletter should be entertaining and informative. Write on topics that appeal to, or are important to, your recipients. Offer tips, warnings , anniversary wishes and humor; and showcase happy Subscribers whenever possible through photos, success stories and case studies. Though several companies sell pre-written newsletter content for many industries, try to localize your content if possible. This will help you connect with your prospects on a more personal level. At the very least, include an original column written by you.
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    Bulk mail Newsletter traps :

    Don't advertise excessively - Send mail to your customer perfect content to advertise your products and services in your newsletter else u don't advertise unwanted content, if you overdo it you'll drown out your content, no matter how good it is. Keep advertising blocks to a minimum, and find creative ways to promote your products and services throughout the content. At the same time, make sure your newsletter content is factual and newsworthy, not just a rolling advertisement of your company. A newsletter is not a sales letter.

    Don't pre-sort your own newsletters - You can save money by letting your newsletter printer also handle the pre-sorting and mailing of your bulk mail newsletters. Thallu.com provide Unlimited Bulk mail newsletters can be a cost-effective way to boost brand recognition and drive sales through the roof. Incorporate these bulk mail newsletter tips and tricks - and avoid these traps - for your next campaign.


    Bulk mail Promotional Emails

    Promotional Email is also known as Marketing your Products or services email. This email is created to attract your subscribers, promote your products or service sale, and build your products awareness.

    This email campaign can target both prospects and existing customers in your contact list to inform them about other products and services that are appropriate for them.The promotion within the Email Deployment could be offered for a limited time, so the recipient will feel the need to take immediate action.


    Bulk mail Acquisition Emails

    These are emails sent to acquire new customers, Acquisition emails encourage prospects in your email list to convert into actual customers. These email campaigns target readers on your contact list who have expressed interest but haven’t made a purchase yet. You can share special offers and detailed information that helps them see the value in your offering.


    Bulk Mail Retention Emails

    Retention Emails - These mass emails are generally sent to existing clients to encourage them to keep purchasing from your company. They aim to boost a brand’s customer loyalty. This bulk mail to customers who aren’t opening your emails, with special offers designed to grab their attention.


    Service of Bulk Mail

    Bulk mail services provide ease of use.It provides intuitive editor, to make email creation easier. It performs anti-spam analysis and has the ability to automate the actions and segment of the database. Most of the email marketing services provide email templates, social-media integrations, and email scheduling. It provides templates and expert support. Getting labeled as spam or junk by the subscriber’s email client (for example, Gmail). Refusal of service by an Internet Service Provider or hosting company.


    Benefits of a Bulk mail Service

  • Makes sure that your mass email campaign abides by the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Enables you to create subscription forms to gather new subscribers.
  • Lets users manage subscriptions and opt-out processes (adding and removing from mailing lists).
  • Provides email templates that are mobile-friendly and editable.
  • Handles bulk mail delivery.
  • Prepares reports on marketing campaign performance.
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    Thallu uses Bulk mail :

    We can setup your own Mailing Server using our Email software. Also our service is Unlimited Bulk Mailing Server setup and you can able to track email, click rate, open rate etc.. If you are looking for a fully managed bulkmail with most affordable compare to other service provider thallu.com is the best one.


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